Privacy Policy is acutely aware of our clients’ needs for privacy as they access our site and make use of any of our services. We are also committed to compliance with all local, regional, national and international privacy laws and our obligation to provide users with a policy that outlines our privacy processes and procedures. We urge all of our visitors and users to review this policy in its entirety. If there is anything with which you do not agree, you must leave our site, because staying obligates you to all of its provisions.

Information We Collect

We collect two types of information which are detailed below. The first type is anonymous, generic, and aggregate information from visitors to our site. the second is information that users voluntarily provide in order to make use of our services. These are detailed below.

Anonymous and Aggregate Information

We track visits to our site. We do this so that we can gather information about the pages that visitors access, how long they stay on those pages, and when and where they leave our site. this gives us important information about ways that we might improve visitor experiences.

As we track this information, we also what browsers are used.

All of this information is anonymous – no personal information on any visitor is ever collected and/or held by us.

The website does use cookies, just as all online retailers do. These are small bits of data that are placed into the browser files of visitors but they do not give you any personal information about those visitors. Any visitor may turn off cookies. This will not impact navigation throughout our site. However, if a visitor wishes to participate in any activity on our site – subscribe to our newsletter, ask for more information from our support department, etc. – cookies will have to be enabled.

Voluntary Personal Information Disclosures offers writing products and services, as well as lots of information. When visitors decided to become customers, through purchase of products or services; when visitors decide to subscribe to newsletters and other alerts, certain information must be provided the company.

  1. For visitors who wish to receive alerts, we need an email address.
  2. For those who choose to purchase products or services, we need full name, email address and a legitimate phone number. We need this information in order to make contact when necessary during the time period in which an order is being completed.

In both of these instances, we protect and encrypt all information. Customers receive ID numbers which are used for on-site communication. We also use the most current fire walls and other security procedures, and our system has never been breached.

As well, we guarantee to all visitors and customers that we never share, sell, lease, or in any other way distribute personal information to any third party.

Payment and Bank Requests

Our company does not collect or hold any financial information of our customers. Payments are made via credit/debit cards, and all transactions are handled by a third-party SSL-secured payment processor. We use the same processor that many large online retailers use.

Occasionally, a bank will request verification of identity, and the processor will contact us. We will then request that information from the customer, in the form of a picture ID. This may be scanned, faxed or sent as a screen shoot to us, and we send it to the processors immediately.

Legal Obligations

If we suspect fraud, our policy is to notify law enforcement agencies, and we do cooperate in any investigations and prosecutions of anyone suspected of fraud. We will share all personal information a suspected cyber-criminal has provided to us, as requested by law enforcement.

Links to Other sites

There are links to other sites on our website. We do not warranty any of the information on these sites, nor do we know what types of privacy policies they have. Any visitor/customer who accesses these third-party sites from our site understands that, once s/he has left our site, our privacy policies no longer apply.

User Consent

Anyone visiting or using our site agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Should a visitor or user have any questions about this policy, s/he is directed to our customer support department for further clarification.

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