Terms of Use

This document is the entire legal agreement between users/customers and the company, Wowgrade.com. When any person accesses the Wowgrade.com website and/or makes use of any of its products/services, that person is automatically bound by these terms and conditions.

Definition of Wowgrade.com

The company name, as well as the terms “website,” “company,” “we,” “us” or “our” all refer to Wowgrade.com

Definition of User/Customer

Other terms that refer to persons who access our site and/or make use of its services are also known as “visitor,” “you,” and “your.”

Definition of “Order”

This refers to any Company product or service which a customer orders and pays for.

Use of Products

Customer use of purchased products from the company are restricted to personal use only. This means that a customer owns the product but that its use is restricted to personal research, study and reference.

Any customer who sells, trades, or distributes a Company product is in violation of these Terms and Conditions. Any customer who chooses to use company products for purposes other than stipulated here will be solely responsible for any consequences that occur. The Company shall have no liability for those consequences.

Legal Jurisdiction

The Company operates in full compliance with the laws within its geographical location. It is the customer’s responsibility to be aware of any laws related to use of online retail purchase within his/her jurisdiction.

Customer Indemnification of Company

The company provides original, custom writing products and other services to its customers. The company does not, in any manner, authorize or condone the use of its products to engage in academic dishonesty. Should a customer engage in such behavior, that customer assumes full responsibility for any consequences, personal or legal, that may occur. Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless the company from any liability that may occur as the result of misuse of its product/services.

If the Company should incur any legal fees as a result of customer misuse of products/services, the customer is responsible for that cost.

Wowgrade.com Policies

The Company has published, on its website, several policies to which the customer is bound when s/he chooses to purchase and products/services. It is the customer’s responsibility to review these policies.

  1. Disclaimer: This policy sets forth customer rights and responsibilities.

  2. Privacy: This policy outlines the types of information we collect from visitors and customers and the measures the company takes to protect privacy of visitors and customers.

  3. Revisions: this policy sets forth the conditions for requesting revisions to final drafts should a customer be dis-satisfied with a delivered product.

  4. Money-Back: This policy sets forth the conditions under which full or partial refunds may be given.

  5. Discounts: The company shall offer discounts as it deems suitable. The company may change these at will

Process of Order and Delivery

The following process is in place for customer purchase of products/services:

  1. Customer completes order form with all detailed information

  2. Customer makes payment with submission of order. No work can begin until payment is made.

  3. A writer is assigned who has the qualifications to complete the order.

  4. The customer receives a personal account, and the writer begins work

  5. Customer and writer converse via the personal account

  6. Customer contact customer support department with any issues or problems

  7. Customer is notified when order is complete

  8. Customer reviews the final draft on his/her personal account

  9. Customer either approves of the final draft or requests revisions

  10. Customer provides final approval and is then able to download the finished piece to his/her own device

Company is not responsible for delays in delivery due to customer tardiness in responding to messages or requests from the company or the writer

Changes to These terms and Conditions

The company reserves the right to alter any of these terms and conditions when and if it deems appropriate. Any changes will be announced on the company website. It is the customer’s responsibility to review any changes that are made. As soon as those changes are posted on the website, the customer is bound by them.

Third-Party Links

There are links to third-party websites on the company website. the company does not guarantee any of the information or offers of these third-parties. The customer accesses those links of his/her own choosing and assumes any risk that may be involved. The customer is not covered by the company privacy policy once s/he has navigated to a third-party website.


Should any legal authority determine that any single term or condition in this agreement is unenforceable or in violation of any law, that term or condition no longer applies However, all other terms and conditions of the agreement remain in force.

Entire Agreement

This Terms and Conditions document comprises all of the agreement between the customer and the company. Customer is bound by all of its provisions as well as all policies that are published on the company website.

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